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Open For Application

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The Deermar

Welcome to The Deermar Apartments!…


22 Units still available

Open To Applications

$2,300 -3344

By sury

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You've got a three week timeframe apply to win the lottery! Go for it while you still can!

As part of the new 421-a program, the housing department has implemented a program where affordable apartments within developments coming onto the market go up for a lottery that lasts for three weeks, whereupon the listing is then closed off for application.

Reside New York has compiled a list of Affordable Housing projects which is constantly updated to the convenience of applicants. Such extensive listings provides applicants with the greatest chance at winning the lottery to a suitable home.

Below are all the listings that are now open for new applicants. Once you’ve found that perfect choice, just click on the property and follow the instructions to apply. Read all about how to apply and whether you are eligible by clicking the button below.