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The Recently Released Augmented CityFHEPS Program

After a busy day at work, you walk by a homeless man sitting on the on the street of New York City and a feeling of pain and compassion comes over you. Can you relate? You might even say to yourself, “I wish there was a way I can help this human being start his…

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We’re on Air!

We’re on Air! Confused about Affordable Housing? Hear from the experts! On Sunday, December 16, our founder and CEO, Martin Joseph was on air on 77WABC’s “Mind Your Business” discussing how YOU can benefit from the many intricacies of the city’s tax incentive programs.  Clips from the show are now available on our YouTube channel,…

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Costly Housing Is So 2018

Costly Housing Is So 2018 It’s 2019. Do Your Resolutions Include Affordable Housing? For many Americans, top New Year’s resolutions include spending less and saving more. But with housing costs steadily increasing, these aspirations only seem more and more discouraging. Fortunately, though, new laws are in your favor! Contrary to popular belief, New York City’s…

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Act Fast! Applications Close Soon!

Act Fast! Applications Close Soon! You only have a few weeks to apply for the Affordable Housing lottery! See a unit that interests you on Don’t delay the application process! As part of the new 421(a) program, the Housing Department puts new Affordable Units up for lottery – but most lotteries aren’t open for…

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